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Re: Xsession doesn't use umask setting from /etc/login.defs

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Alban browaeys skrev:
| In october you told:
|> Searching Google for "xsession umask" will give you some hints.
|>> /etc/login.defs explicitly indicates that it is
|>> "Configuration control definitions for the login package",
|>> and many of its parameters are inapplicable to display
|>> managers, or already implemented in parallel (e.g., how long
|>> do wait after a failed login before displaying the
|>> prompt/greeter again?).
|> I believe that /etc/login.defs _is_ the right place to define
|> the default umask property.
| I strongly disagree. Google is not a reference by itself and the
| few example (gdm and kde session scripts) have been fixed (gdm no
| longer import login.defs) upstream or are mere hints for the
| user to have a quick fix (kde Xsession hacks).

I'm glad to hear that gdm and kdm have been fixed. And how does
these fixes improve the issue of a reasonable default umask?

| Though login.defs is still sourced by "login" program, half of
| its settings are already overridden by pam defaults one. The few
| remaining usefull one (ENV_PATH ENVSU_PATH mostly) are overriden
| by most shell "profile" too because they disagree with it.

PAM is good. The fact remains, it doesn't handle default umask.

| It confuse beginners who read manual carefully and up wondering
| why their settings are not working. The sooner it it emptied of
| system wide environment settings the better.

So exactly where, according to you, is the proper place for a system
wide default umask property, if not /etc/login.defs?

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