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Re: what is /.udev for ?

On that scenario does not seem a unreasonable action to delete it without 
looking. It just 15 minutes to take it back.
I would take more time google'ing it, than reinstaling it. 

But you missed my point. 

Even the people here that supports the /.dev mount agrees that is not the 
right place for it. It does not match the FHS, and it is a bit weird.

I understand that there only a few places to it.

I do believe that the right thing is to be disabled by default.
But this is for the policy guys to begin long flames about.

Em Seg 14 Fev 2005 11:14, Tollef Fog Heen escreveu:
> * Peter Samuelson
> | [Tollef Fog Heen]
> |
> | > Assume makes an ass of u an' me.
> |
> | Why do people keep circulating this saying?  It makes no sense.
> | Normally, assuming only ever has the power to make an ass of the person
> | who did the assuming, i.e. "me", not "u and me".  And even then, it's
> | not like you could get very far in life without making any assumptions,
> | so at best even that part is only sometimes true.
> It's assuming without actually checking first.  «This looks like junk,
> so I'll just rm -rf it» rather than «this looks like junk -- uhm.
> *think*.  google around a bit and then removing it the right way.»
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