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Re: MTA in base system installation

[First off, please follow debian list policy and refrain from Cc:'ing
me. Secondly, this discussion is more appropriate for -user, not
-devel. MFT set appropriately.]

On Thu, 17 Feb 2005, Philipp Hug wrote:
> > What the hell is a "base installation"?
> The list of packages that gets installed by d-i/debootstrap...

debootstrap doesn't install anything that requires a

> > Install whatever you want. You're free to install nullmailer,
> > ssmtp, etc.
> I know I can replace it with whatever I want, that's not the point.
> I'm just wondering if it makes sense to have a full MTA installed by
> default.

It does if you want mail to be deliverable locally on a machine
without a network connection at all. It's really a personal decision,
and exim is probably a reasonable default.

Don Armstrong

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