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Re: scripts to download porn in Debian?

Am 2005-02-03 03:15:41, schrieb Sam Watkins:

> 1. People (including children) will get a nasty surprise when they
>    choose to download all the comics to see what is available.

    My daughter had this problem several times...

> 2. Should Debian publish highly offensive content which is DFSG free?
>    I say "no".  There are limits to what is acceptable in Debian.
>    The anarchist FAQ is acceptable.  The bible is acceptable.
>    A package of hardcore pictures is obviously not acceptable,

    A package downloading hardcore pictures from specific servers.
    (wget or something like this does not fit this category)

>    I seriously doubt that "smutfest: 1001 porn downloader scripts"
>    would be approved for inclusion either.  That probably wouldn't be
>    legal to distribute to minors either.  In that case, it couldn't go
>    on the CDs.  (If it did, it would be illegal to sell them from
>    ordinary shops in many parts of the world, e.g. Australia.)

    Not only in Australia, you will have the same problem
    in Germany and France and in the whole EU.

>    I don't know where the law stands on this, but I think it is
>    borderline, it would probably be illegal to distribute
>    porn-downloader scripts to minors (over the counter) in many parts of
>    the world, therefore it could not go on our CDs.


>    It is an issue of Debian's public reputation, and of the law.  Does
>    Debian wish to be associated with pornography, to implicitly approve
>    it, by including programs designed to download and view it, or
>    including actual pornographic content?  pornview, hot-babe and
>    dailystrips / dosage's Sexy Losers scripts are apparently "okay"
>    according to many Debian developers.  I disagree.


> Another issue - if a script is designed specifically to download
> non-free content, shouldn't it go in contrib?  According to Debian's
> official view that anything made of bits is software, the scripts to
> fetch the comics should go in contrib.  Please correct me if I'm wrong
> about that.

    I think yes.


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