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Re: pwc-source headed for unstable this weekend


(I assume everybody is on -devel, like I am, and as it seems the problem sits between keyboard and chair, no bug report either).

This might very well be, as I didn't compile the kernel myself (I just use the standard kernel-image-2.6.10-1-k7 package) but used kernel-source-2.6.10 with the .config from the image package, make oldconfig and make dep (which I was told is deprecated, so).

So, basically, your saying that the right way to do this kind of things is to use the corresponding kernel-headers package, and apt-get tells me that I need as well kernel-kbuild to build "out-of-tree kernel modules" which seems to be exactly what I need.

Thanks, Eric

Henning Makholm wrote:
Scripsit sean finney <seanius@debian.org>

On Thu, Feb 17, 2005 at 09:08:11PM +0100, Eric Lavarde wrote:

pwc: no version for "struct_module" found: kernel tainted.

i'm guessing that this has to do with how you compiled the module.

IME, this message is typically seen when one complies a module against
a 2.6 kernel tree where 'make clean' has been run since the latest
kernel build.

The kernel-headers-2.6.*-foo packages should ship enough intermediate
files in /usr/src/kernel-headers/* to prevent this problem, but one
easily gets in trouble [1] if one compiles custom kernels without
being aware of the problem.

[1] Well, such as it is. As long as one does not get oneself in more
    trouble by trying to use the module against a different kernel
    build, the warning message at load time seems to be all that

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