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Re: what is /.udev for ?

Maykel Moya wrote:
I recently realized that I had /.dev, after that, I rm -fr it what
rendered my system unbootabled.

Can somebody point me to info regarding /.dev. I have dig
in /usr/share/doc/udev and Google but found nothing.

$ mount | grep \\.dev
/dev on /.dev type unknown (rw,bind)

When udev starts, your real /dev is bind mounted to /.dev so you can still access it for whatever reason. As you have noticed, wiping it out removes your real /dev, which means that your system won't be able to boot up to the point where it would normally start udev. :(

Some argue that this is one of the places where the old devfs is superior to udev. ;)

> Regards
> mike

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