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Re: Please make Moria free (was: Moria, as in the Author of)

On Thursday, 17 de February de 2005 04:14, Robert Koeneke wrote:
> Ok, I am working on getting the correct GPL statement put together so this
> game on all the games based on it don't have any restrictions to
> distribution.  It was never my intention to make it hard to share, just to
> make certain my name stayed with the game and future variants of it.
That's great :)

> Sheesh, I should have gone into game design I guess.  I had no idea people
> were still playing these games.  Did anyone ever add the Moria V5.0 new
> features to the game?  Liquids (pools, streams, lava, etc), orbs, and
> recipes for building magic weapons?  There were other things but that's the
> stuff I remember off-hand.
Lots of people are still playing this games, the most successfull "variant", 
besides vanilla Angband, is ZAngband. Both Angband and Zangband include water 
and lava streams. They have lots of additions, new classes, new races, lots 
of new objects/artifacts, may be you should give them a try, they run in 
almost every platform out there. You can get all of them from: 

> In case you can't tell, I am no longer a part of the coding community.  I
> moved up the corporate chain to the point of all I do is design enterprise
> systems; no one lets me touch code anymore.
Well, there are lots of developers in the "free software" community, some of 
them get paid for programming free software, other ones just write code for 
fun after their work ;) May be you can still add some features to Angband :)

Best regards

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