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Re: Packaging status of Xen 2.0(.4)

On Mon, 7 Feb 2005, Raphael Bossek wrote:

> Hi Adam,
> > It's still sitting in NEW however.
> Nice. I've downloaded the 2.0.4-3 packages from people.d.o and created
> kernel-image-2.6.10 packages with Xen applied. Everybody who is interesed
> in Xen 2.0 can use this APT repository:
> deb http://einstein.sdg.speech-design.de/~br/kernel-image-xen ./
> deb-src http://einstein.sdg.speech-design.de/~br/kernel-image-xen ./
> The current aproch is a replacement for the official 2.6.10 kernel-image
> packages. If requested, I can create kernel-image-xen-2.6.10 packages.
> I will try to keep the repository up-to-date with the Xen releases.
> Thx Adman for you work!
> PS: At this moment I've only a remote access to i386 so I could not test
> the kernel-image packages. But I think Adman done it already so they should
> work. Happy testing :)


I'd prefer it if there were *no* official kernel-image-xen packages.  The
reason, is that it's an increased load on the security team.  Plus,
maintaining the config.

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