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upgrading mysql (Release update: kde3.3, upload targets, kernels, infrastructure)

Re: Steve Langasek in <[🔎] 20050203060641.GB4721@mauritius.dodds.net>
> > > symbol errno, version GLIBC_2.0 not defined in file libc.so.6 with link time reference  (/usr/lib/libmysqlclient.so.10)
> > I don't know this problem is "missing GLIBC_2.2 symbols" issue.  It
> > does not clear Christoph's problematic architecture.
> This is the only warning shown on my system when installing woody
> mysqlclient on sarge glibc, and is the only major ABI regression of this
> kind I'm aware of between woody and sarge glibc.  Unless Christoph can offer
> more precise information about the symbols that were missing on his system,
> I assume this is the problem he's referring to.

Right. "mysqladmin ping" threw that warning and then died. Installing
Sarge's mysql packages made the DB work again. I didn't investigate
this any further, and the system was downgraded again in the meantime
(which was a pita due to tons of backports that were installed, but
that's another issue).

I can't say which other packages were affected, the only client for
that mysql DB is horde/imp(3), and that even seemed to work without
the DB.

The proper fix would have been to make the Woody mysql packages depend
on that specific libc6 version, but that's too late now. I doubt
making Sarge's libc6 Conflict: with the Woody mysql makes sense here,
but I can't think of another way to fix it now.

Should I give the upgrade another try in a chroot sandbox and then
file a (RC?) bug that mysql is not upgradable?

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