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orphaning some of my packages

Hi *,

I have neither time for nor interest in maintaining the following
packages any more.  Before quality suffers too much I'd like to give 
them into more careful hands.

 fam  - the file alteration monitor
     binaries: fam libfam0c102 libfam-dev
     state: works but lots of bugs and lots of unhappy users
            complaining about fam's attitude towards removable media
            and being a portmapper-dependant RPC service
     reverse depends: GNOME and KDE and many more

 libnss-pgsql - name service switch module using PostgreSQL
     should be maintained together with pam-pgsql
     I am also upstream and am orphaning that, too
     binaries: libnss-pgsql1
     state: works, has some NMUs
     reverse depends: none

 pam-pgsql - PAM module for authentication against PostgreSQL
     should be maintained together with libnss-pgsql
     needs upstream work but upstream is not active
     binaries: libpam-pgsql
     state: works but has lots of bugs
     reverse depends: none

 ulogd - netfilter userspace logging daemon
     binaries: ulogd ulogd-mysql ulogd-pgsql ulogd-pcap
     state: works, some bugs, upstream releases seldom
     reverse depends: fiaif



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