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Re: Tips wanted for debugging and testing Debian



If you want to take this one step further, actually trying to crash an
application in a reproducible way, or trying to narrow down a bug to a
specific set of actions can be really helpful as well; for instance, if
there's a bug that says something like 'If I run this application, it
sometimes segfaults when I close it', and you can narrow it down to 'if
you run it, and use this and this and that option and /then/ close it,
it will segfault', that's very nice.

You can browse our bug database at <http://bugs.debian.org/>. A good way
to start is to search for any bugs in software you regularly use, and to
see if you can help out.

But what could one do, if the maintainer doesn't react (for some time) - such that even bugreport with fixes provided are never acted upon?


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