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Re: Tips wanted for debugging and testing Debian

Hello Sascha,

* Sascha Berkenkamp <sberkenkamp@gmx.net> [2005-02-25 13:45]:
> I want to help the debian team and I also read  debian.org/devel ! So I
> think I would like to help testing and debugging the debian system in
> order to help to fix some bugs in some programs or debian sepcific
> stuff. I'm not sure if I'm able to do this with mit taks but I'll try
> and learn. 

The best thing you can to to test is (as we told you on the
mutt-ng mailinglist yesterday) to use a system. If you want
to test bug reports look after software you use and try to
reproduce them.
If you are able write a patch.
Regards Nico

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