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Re: what is /.udev for ?

I demand that Marco d'Itri may or may not have written...

> On Feb 09, Norbert Tretkowski <tretkowski@inittab.de> wrote:
>> File a bugreport... /etc/init.d/udev says:

> Don't.

>> # /.dev is used by /sbin/MAKEDEV to access the real /dev directory.
>> # if you don't like this, remove /.dev/.

> "Remove /.dev/" does not mean "rm -rf it".

Yes. It means "rm -rf /.dev/" ;-)

Interpreting "remove" as "delete" is reasonable [1], and your average user
may well just delete it without looking (and, maybe, without thinking much
about it at all).

> Considering that the line above says "to access the real /dev
> directory", I think that the message is very clear.

I also say s/remove/unmount and remove/.

[1] There's a RISC OS *command "remove" which will delete a file...

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