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new.html per-developer data inclusion in developer.php (Was: please post listing and status of NEW queue)

On Friday 18 February 2005 13:33, Jeroen van Wolffelaar wrote:
> FWIW, I think developer.php gives a useful DDPO, but I'm a bit puzzled
> why also some kinds of per-developer or even per-package information
> is all also generated from developer.php. The file as it is is already
> quite large, I think it can better be in a new 'new.php' or something,
> if you really want to add it, as it probably hardly shares any code
> from developer.php (and if it does, that should IMHO be refactored
> into a include file).

No information is generated from developer.php. But I agree with you 
about the large generated file (by backends). 
I need to rewrite the backends in order to have a relational schema 
located in several data files. But the lack of time, and probably the 
lack of outer investment implies that this rework has not already been 

> Similar for per-package popcon, per-maintainer wnpp, per-package
> excuses: I think they are better off in separate files, and not in one
> big php script behaving completely different depending on arguments.

That's what I wanted to do. Parse the new.html file in order to provided 
excuse/popcon like data files that could be included with php.
The popcon and the wnpp backend processes are standalone scripts that 
could be easily used out of the box.

To recall the main goal of developer.php is to provide a unique place 
where all the spreaded debian developer related infomation will be 
nicely displayed. IMHO this kind of information (new queue process 
per-developer) might be useful for all developers.
Igor Genibel
«Non bene pro toto libertas venditur auro»
Freedom is not sold for all the gold in the world.
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