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Re: please post listing and status of NEW queue

[Joerg Jaspert]
> The way to generate this is(was) to modify a script from the
> dak suite to output html instead of plain text. I tried to not make the
> difference between my version and the existing one to big, so it mostly
> shows what was already there, just with different format.

Is there something wrong with the age calculations? 'rte' is the
oldest package, and its two uploads were 2002-02-21 and 2002-03-25.
According to <URL:http://ftp-master.debian.org/new.html>, the age is
'1 year'.  But from 2005-02-20 to 2002-03-25 it is close to 3 years.
How is the age calculated?

The next oldest package in the
list,'kernel-linux-experimental-defaults' was uploaded 2003-11-14, and
it too is listed with an age of '1 year'.  Of course in this case it
isn't too wrong, as the age is between 1 and 2 years.

> Of course its possible to extend that in the future, its not closed
> software or patented or something...

Is the source on the web somewhere?

> See the bottom of the site.
> Note: The ordering of the output and the display of the Age column has
> NOTHING to do with any way of how the ftpmasters handle anything in NEW.
> Its just informational and I decided to show the youngest upload of any
> package as that is the last time a Developer made something with it.

Is it possible to add the order in which the ftpmasters will handle
the entries in the NEW queue?

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