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Re: UML packages for sarge: likelyhood of making it to stable

On Thu, Feb 10, 2005 at 11:42:13AM +0000, Jon Dowland wrote:

> I am emailing to ask your opinion on the likely hood of UML packages 
> making it into sarge/stable.
> We (the University of Newcastle upon Tyne) are experimenting with using 
> UML to manage multiple secure web servers on a single physical box, and 
> have been advised that Debian GNU/Linux is a very good OS to use for the 
> host machine, due to its management tools. We usually use Red Hat for 
> our systems so there would be a labour cost for us to adopt a different 
> distribution.
> We would need to use the stable branch of Debian for a production 
> system. However, if the transition from woody to sarge would mean that 
> there would no longer be UML packages in stable, we would have to use 
> something else.
> From a personal POV, I am a debian user and if debian was the best 
> choice for our needs, I'd be very happy to see it being used. What kind 
> of work is needed to get the UML packages sorted out? Is an NMU a 
> possibility?

UML upstream has been chaotic, and I haven't had the resources to keep it in
shape in packaged form.  A group of developers recently started an Alioth
project for maintenance of UML-related packages, but I'm not sure where it
stands as far as restoring usable UML packages to unstable.

 - mdz

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