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Re: Request for Help: apt 0.6

On Mon, 14 Feb 2005, Henrique de Moraes Holschuh wrote:

> > Why? What argument is there against a per-release key, including
> > keys for security, testing, unstable, and experimental? It would
> > certainly make things a little easier...
> You still need to deal with key revocation and a new key being needed,
> anyway.  Yearly changes will not make it more difficult, it will make sure
> those codepaths are tested (and used at least once an year).

It's probably a good idea to create 2 sarge release signing keys, and
include them with the package.  Use the first to do everything, and
secret split the second key to n trustworthy developers (k of n split).

Should key #1 get compromised somehow, the backup-key is assembled and
used to sign the Release file from now on.  One of the first updates
would probably be the introduction of a new backup key, now that the old
one has been promoted to primary.

A similar 2 key system is probably a good idea for security, and maybe
also for the normal rotated keys (just ship 2005 and 2006 keys now).

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