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Request for Help: apt 0.6


We need help by competent developers who work on apt 0.6 with the goal
to get it supported properly and eventually enter sid and sarge.

There is a good chance the release will happen before the issues with
apt 0.6 are resolved, so this may be a task that cannot address sarge
in time but only etch and following distributions.  Contributors
should be aware of this.

Quoting Andreas Barth from the release team:

|   Actually, we discussed about apt 0.6 within the release team and
|   with the maintainers. IIRC, the two blocking issues are:
|   1. All the concepts
|      - default installation,
|      - key management,
|      - how do security updates work
|      - ...
|      need some review
|   2. There is noone who started working on 1.
|   (One part of 2. is that nobody made a summary after discussion, as
|   there is 2.)

Hence, there are developers needed who:

 - are able to review apt 0.6
 - are able to review the key management part and
 - design and discuss this with the release team
 - (re-)design and discuss package updates and security updates
 - take into account that the archive key is rotated yearly

It would be a large step forward if sarge could include apt 0.6, so
here is a chance to help improve sarge a lot.



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