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Re: Please make Moria free (was: Moria, as in the Author of)

On Thu, Feb 17, 2005 at 07:44:53AM +0430, Robert Koeneke wrote:
> Ok, I am working on getting the correct GPL statement put together so this
> game on all the games based on it don't have any restrictions to
> distribution.  It was never my intention to make it hard to share, just to
> make certain my name stayed with the game and future variants of it.
> Sheesh, I should have gone into game design I guess.  I had no idea people
> were still playing these games.  Did anyone ever add the Moria V5.0 new
> features to the game?  Liquids (pools, streams, lava, etc), orbs, and
> recipes for building magic weapons?  There were other things but that's the
> stuff I remember off-hand.
> In case you can't tell, I am no longer a part of the coding community.  I
> moved up the corporate chain to the point of all I do is design enterprise
> systems; no one lets me touch code anymore.
> Enjoy.
> Robert Alan Koeneke
> Enterprise Architect

I hope someone forwards this to the press.  Sheer beauty.

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