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Status update for the inofficial Debian-amd64 sarge


just an update about a small milestone we've taken.

Both current gnome and kde meta packages now have all their
dependencies fullfilled in the sarge tree. With recent reports of
successfull D-I installs with sarge we are now caught up with the
official release.

Our next step will be to get the 14 debian-amd64 mirrors to add sarge
(those that don't have it already) and producing a full sarge CD set.

We thank everyone that has added patches for amd64 already and hope we
get the last few critical bugs fixed as well soon:

* Packages in sarge with patches
  - syslinux (#249506)
  - util-linux (#248121): fixed in sid, frozen package, will probably be fixed
      by the maintainer
  - libtunepimp (#276742): needed to build kde, waiting on libflac6
      before rattling cages


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