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Re: interesting question is soundtracker on it's latest version? issue with X library bug ITO: sawmill, rep-gtk, librep ITP ITP: 3dom (Was: ITP: lightspeed) ITP and sponsor needed: texdoctk itp: aprsd ITP autodns-dhcp ITP: blackened ITP: bochs ITP: bugsquish ITP: cfitsio - FITS I/O library ITP: cscope (already in Incoming, for woody) ITP: deluser ITP dict-vera ITP doclinux-pt_BR ITP: druby ITP: FAI ITP: Free eEMU Re: ITP: gnome-db ITP: gnome-pilot ITP: gretl (GNU Regression, Econometrics + Time-series Library) ITP: gtans (Games/Puzzles) ITP IIRC IMHO and more ITP: iptables ITP: irssi-common, irssi-tty, irssi-gtk, irssi-gnome Re: ITP John the ripper Re: ITP: kernel-patch-2.2.14-raid and kernel-image-2.2.14-raid ITP: keymgr, libow Re: ITP: kimwitu (compiler development tool) ITP: kimwitu-doc (documentation for compiler development tool kimwitu) ITP/LFS : gtktilink and d4x ITP: libctk ITP: libeb-ruby ITP: libfile-mmagic-perl ITP: libsafe ITP: lightspeed ITP: Linux ITP: lirc, devfsd ITP: meme/metatopia ITP: mscompress ITP: NAMG ITP - pspell - the portable spell checking library interface. ITP: quicktime library and xmovie ITP: rdtool, racc, libtmail-ruby ITP: Renderpark ITP: rubyunit ITP: sdl-image Re: ITP: sftp ITP: snacc (ASN.1 to C/C++/IDL compiler) ITP: SnarfNews ITP: starfish, muttzilla (with problem) ITP: stereograph ITP: swig-ruby ITP: telegnome ITP: toolbar-fancy ITP: ttcn-el (programming modes for protocol test) ITP: TUA itp/upload: aprsdigi, xastir ITP wm{cube,scope,top} ITP: xbreaky ITP: xscorch ITP: zebedee (and possibly libblowfish) Re: ITP: zebedee (need a sponsor) ITP: Zope tutorial (plus overriding problems) I won't be asking another! kernel-image-2.2.14-ide: /lib/modules/2.2.14-ide/ instead of /lib/modules/2.2.14 will break many things? Re: kernel-image-2.2.14-ide: /lib/modules/2.2.14-ide/ instead of /lib/modules/2.2.14 will break many things? Re: kernel-package or kernel-source needs kernel-package or kernel-source needs libncurses-devel kernel: rpc.statd forgot to set AF_INET in udp sendmsg. Fix it! last call for dpkg translations [ suck: Unable to install suck with potato's default news server (task-news-server)] lilo problems Lilo & syslinux document Linux and Unix lists down? Logging capabilities to rc and rcS: new version of cafe logo Long time Debian user with semi-technical question looking for developer to sign my key Looking for help using libtool magicfilter and gs [MAILER-DAEMON@MIT.EDU (Mail Delivery Subsystem)] Returned mail: User unknown Mailing List Search Engine maillist sick? Maintainer needed. and ITP: lyx-cjk Maintainers needed for freeciv, dcd and lletters Re: Maintainers (NOT) needed for freeciv, dcd and lletters make Linux command manpages-net Was: Obsolete packages Master + SSH minix now bsd licensed mmap(2) functionality on Debian Modifying /etc/group and /etc/passwd [RANT] multi CPU's Must cardctl and cardinfo use only by root? ncurses3.4 Need a package with minimal TrueType fonts Needs some advice on... netatalk netbase showing wrong section New autofs maintainer, several bugs fixed, please test New .deb's of pharmacy available New GPL Application and Library for Windows Help files. Re: New Mailing-Lists new-maintainer related mailing lists hosting + Debian lists search engine problems New Octave .deb packages for installing both 2.0.* and 2.1.* Re: new port: debian-win32. when ? New shmfs and Debian New volunteer next aptitude mini howto draft NMU of debianutils (was: Re: (Bug horizon) Problem bugs) No "mkdosfs" command in Debian? Non-configuration files in /etc Re: Non-configuration files in /etc should be in /var No todo es malo Re: Obsolete packages One global config.guess? Orphaned Packages Orphaning libwww-search-perl OT: Devfs, was: Re: Bug#62699: cdparanoia [...] [OT] Re: [adam: Re: Fed up by Lazarus Long ...] OT Re: RFC/ITP: Constitution of Finland Re: OT to Debian [Was: RFC/ITP: Constitution of Finland] [OT] Who are the persons which read new-maintainer box [ Bug#63271 acknowledged by developer (New upstream that overcomes the 1024 limit)] Package Graphs (was: truetype something something) Packages and Signatures, a summary Re: Packages removed from potato Packaging PLT Scheme Re: Paradise PDL and freeze PDQ: Anybody packaging it? Pgcc in Deb The last update was on 20:01 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 1508 messages. Page 2 of 4.

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