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Re: New shmfs and Debian

** On Apr 03, Tom Lees scribbled:

> > sure than at some point, after potato is released, people will try to use
> > 2.4.x and some of them can face problems when their applications won't be
> > able to use the shared memory.
> Maybe we should add a script to base-files which mounts /var/shm depending
> on whether the current kernel needs it... probably easier than messing
> around writing script to automatically edit /etc/fstab.
It has to be mounted before any scripts are run from init.d - some of the
started programs might need SystemV IPC - you never know. More, the /var/shm
must be mounted _after_ /var us mounted (if such is the case). The only
reasonable place for this is /etc/fstab. And it should be done before potato
goes out, because chances are it will coincide with the release of 2.4.0.


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