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Re: Packaging PLT Scheme

Brent Fulgham <brent.fulgham@xpsystems.com> wrote:
> I have already generated a package for DrScheme (plus the
> MrSpidey debugger) that resides in the "unstable" Woody
> distribution.  It was not created until after the code 
> freeze for our soon-to-be-released Debian 2.2
> Interested users can get it from:
> ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian/dists/unstable/main/binary-i386/interpreters
> There are a couple of minor issues with the package (some
> documentation is not linked to the help system properly),
> which I will fix soon but have been tied up with the Potato
> release.

The packages does not compile on Alpha, it needs a bit of work to get it into
a state where it will. There is a bug filed against the package to this
affect. I suggest that somebody put in the effort to port the package or the
Archs line in the debian/control file is changed to represent the fact that it
will not compile and run on the Alpha.

Don't worry - shop

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