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Re: New shmfs and Debian

** On Apr 03, Ben Collins scribbled:

> > number would be higher or equal to 3 it would drop the line into /etc/fstab.
> > But that solution is unclean. Adding /var/shm to base-files is trivial as it
> > won't hurt anyone, but the rest isn't quite that trivial. Nevertheless, the
> > entry in /etc/fstab must get there one way or another... The problem is that
> > the user may decide to switch to 2.3.x or 2.4.x at any point and at that
> > point he must have the entry or something _will_ fail...
> > 
> I don't know why you insist it must be added to fstab. If a script can
Because it's clean that way and that's where it belongs, just like devfs for

> detect that the running kernel needs /var/shm mounted, then it can just
> mount shm itself, no need to muck around with someones fstab. Simply write
> a script (in fact, copy the devpts one and use that), and place make it
> run at /etc/rcS.d/S30...
That's fine by me, just as is the /etc/fstab thing. I think I'm just trying
to satisfy everybody :)) - both those who might/will/are/were using IPC for
_some_ reason on their machines during bootup (you never know what the admin
does on his machine) and they would be, at the very least, surprised if
suddenly something started to fail because of the lack of shmfs mounted.

> The only thing that runs before this is the network setup, / fsck, and
> keyboard init. None of those need to be, or are using shared memory. In
> fact, I have /var/shm *in* fstab with no scripts, and have no problems at
> all (not EVEN when booting a 2.2.14 kernel that doesn't support shmfs).
> The only thing it outputs is:
> mount: fs type shm not supported by kernel
I don't mind such messages, and /etc/fstab is the best place for mounting
stuff like this. So, is there any way to put it right there automatically
and seamlessly?


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