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RE: make Linux command

> I try to compiler Linux command such as "insmod" and "ifconfig".
> 1.  "insmod"
> I unpackage the "modutils-2.3.9.tar.gz", there is a 
> Makefile.in , I send
> command "make all -f Makefile.in". do nothing.

Makefile.in is a configuration file used by GNU autoconf.  You
should make sure you have autoconf, M4, and automake installed on
your system.

The source directory might already have a "configure" script 
present (this is the output of autoconf/automake).

To build, first run:

It will give lots of output as it scans your system for necessary
libraries, etc.

Then you can do a "make".

> " make clean"
> " make config"    ( choice a little function such as Ethernet and TCP
> support)
> " make ifconfig"
> I do get ifconfig, but the size is much bigger than normal, 
> Normal is about
> 30k, I donot know what's wr
You are probably building unstripped binaries.


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