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Re: kernel-package or kernel-source needs libncurses-devel

>>On Wed, Apr 12, 2000 at 05:53:58PM -0700, Kenneth
>>Scharf wrote:
>>I couldn't compile a kernel with "make menuconfig"
>>unless I first installed libncurses-devel first. 
>>There used to be a dependancy on this I think with
>>kernel-package or kernel-source packages right?
>The dependancy should be (and is) on the source:
>    Package: kernel-source-2.2.14
>    [...]
>    Depends: binutils | gas
>    Recommends: libc-dev, gcc, make
>    Suggests: ncurses-dev, tk-dev, kernel-package,
>Note that this is a Suggests rather than Depends.

That explains it.  The last time I installed the
kernel-source (slink)I used dselect which picked up
the suggested dependancy and I got the ncurses
package.  This time I used apt-get which only grabs
the 'required' dependancies, it doesn't even mention
the suggested packages.  Maybe this is a bug against

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