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RE: multi CPU's

Remember that Debian, like RedHat, SUSE, etc. is a DISTRIBUTION of the Linux
kernel and associated GNU support products and apps.  Linux supports
multiple CPUs, although in some dists you'll have to load the kernel source
package and specifically turn it on.  (Debian is one such dist).


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> Sent:	Wednesday, April 05, 2000 10:09 AM
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> Subject:	multi CPU's
> After spending the last 45min looking for anything that 
> might say Debian supports more then one CPU I didn't
> see anything that says it even supports 1 CPU!! hahaha
> OK I have a dual 550MHz PIII system I'd like to fireup
> as a web-based system. Dose Debian support more
> then one CPU??
>   Tim
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