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Re: [OT] Re: [adam: Re: Fed up by Lazarus Long ...]

** On Apr 11, Stephen Zander scribbled:
> >>>>> "Grendel" == Grendel  <grendel@vip.net.pl> writes:
>     Grendel> Also, he was from the future, so maybe he's back to the
>     Grendel> future now and that's why he doesn't respond to mails?
>     Grendel> :))
> Ah, no, he wasn't.  He (the Heinlein character) was just incredibly
> long lived.  See 'To Sail Into The Sunset' for the details.
Hmm... I read it a long time ago, but I vaguely remember that he (Lazarus)
was the book heroe's own son. He was somehow trasferred to the future then
came back on mission while serving in the Time Troops where his mother
served later on. Remember how the book begins when she (his mother) finds
herself in a bed with a dead man? :)) That was in some alternate reality
AFAIR... Geez, that book is totally cool :)))

> We now return you to your regular scheduled flamefest still in
> progress :)
Heh, yeah :)). Did you notice that the tech mailing lists tend to get very
off-topic lately? Longish threads about nothing, arguments coming back as
bumerangs - take a look at linux-kernel for instance, we've got there
another nice looong thread which leads straight to nowhere :))


p.s. yeah, I know - I got off topic :)))))

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