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Re: ITP IIRC IMHO and more

The Jargon file


Is a good resource.  ITP is a Debianism, so won't be in the Jargon file:
anybody wanna deal with a Debian Jargon file?

On Tue, 4 Apr 2000, Joost Claessen wrote:

> Helo ppl,
> I've been on debian-devel for a time and I've seen a lot of
> "shortified messages" (i don't no the english word for it
> I only in dutch it is "afkortingen" and don't have a english
> dictionairy at hand) like ITP, IMHO and more.
> I found out that ITP stands for Intend To Package, but for the
> others usually don't have a clue what they mean. Is there
> somewhere a webpage or something where I can find out what they
> mean?
> Thanks in advance.
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Pardon me, but you have obviously mistaken me for someone who gives a
email galt@inconnu.isu.edu

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