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ITP: starfish, muttzilla (with problem)

starfish generates a wallpaper for X-windows using various mathmatical
functions. very cool IMHO:


muttzilla - launch news/mail clients from netscape (e.g. when you click on
a "mailto:"; link you can launch mutt.


There is a catch with muttzilla - from the author's homepage:

 Apr 11: I finally found out what is up with Debian. They ship a libc5
 Netscape, but glibc2 devel tools. To get muttzilla to work on Debian you
 either need to build a libc5 based muttzilla or install a glibc2 based
 Netscape. I'll try to put up some more thorough documentation RSN, but if
 you want more details e-mail me and I'll forward you the message I received
 which explains this.

Any ideas? Currently muttzilla "Depends" on netscape4.  I guess I'll do
something like the awe-netscape-libc{5,6} packages - however the
dependencies cannot force correct installation.  

Perhaps the netscape packages themselves need to be altered?  OTOH with
mozilla shaping up is it worth all the effort?


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