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Re: Linux and Unix

On Thu, Apr 06, 2000 at 09:50:01AM +0100, lorenzo.zampese@notes.electrolux.it wrote:
> Which Unix-like OS (System V, VII, BSD, Xenix, FreeBSD, etc.) is Linux more
> compatible with,
> referring to the standard C Library, Kernel's calls, pipes, signal, etc. ?

I can't give you a detailed answer.  The command-line utilities follow
the BSD syntax rather than SysV syntax, in most cases (ps auwx instead 
of ps -ef) but enhanced (since they are the GNU versions, which have
more options in most cases). The C library is more-or-less a superset
of BSD and SysV, offering different versions of the calls in the
places where the systems differed (e.g. signal handling). 

The syscalls, as far as I know, conform to none of the above (I'm
aware of no standard that has tried to mandate syscalls, but I may
just be ignorant), however compatibility layers have been implemented
(between, e.g. freebsd and linux).

The bottom line is that Linux is, bar a few remaining small points,
POSIX compliant, and POSIX compliance is what all modern unices aim


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