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Re: ITP: cscope (already in Incoming, for woody)

On Wed, Apr 19, 2000 at 06:04:01PM -0400, Chad Miller wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 19, 2000 at 03:58:08PM -0600, Anthony Fok wrote:
> > Intent to package (ITP):
> >    cscope, released under a BSD license by SCO
> >    (as featured on Slashdot on April 19, 2000)
> Wow.  On the ball!			- chad

Hehe.  :-)  Just this time, 'cause I was intrigued by it, and I was
somewhat unhappy that they only had source tarball and RPMs.  :-)

If you would like it now, A copy has also been uploaded to:


Mind you, there is a small glitch.  The manual page isn't quite ready.  For
some reasons, upstream provided a cat page, not a man page (roff), and yet
it is installed as a man page.  No big deal, but I'll probably ask the
upstream maintainer to see if he has the original man page somewhere.  :-)

P.S. I'm not subscribed to debian-devel, so please CC: to me too.  :-)

Anthony Fok Tung-Ling                Civil and Environmental Engineering
foka@ualberta.ca, foka@debian.org    University of Alberta, Canada
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