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Re: ITP: starfish, muttzilla (with problem)

Decklin Foster wrote :

> Michael Beattie writes:
> > Surely you can implement a simple usage of a dotfile?
> *nods* But I don't need it. Does someone want this? Speak up, I'm
> sure there are lots of people here who could implement it (i.e. not
> just me..)

FWIW, muttzilla supports a dotfile thing to tell it what you want to
run for mailto and news links (and yes, it's configurable, you're not
just limited to mutt - I wrote a shell script to make it talk to
XEmacs/Gnus, for instance).

But anyway...
Andrew J Cosgriff <ajc@polydistortion.net> a knapsack and a loaf of bread

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