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ITP: rdtool, racc, libtmail-ruby

I'd link to packages:
 rdtool - RD is Ruby's POD. RDtool is formatter for RD.
 racc - LALR(1) parser generator coded for Ruby
 libtmail-ruby - mail handling library for Ruby

and some packages what is depended by these:
 racc-runtime - is used for racc
 libamstd-ruby - is used for racc-runtime, libtmail-ruby
 libstrscan-ruby - racc-runtime
 liboptparse-ruby - rdtool

Copyright of these:
 rdtool, liboptparse-ruby - Ruby's or GPL
 racc, racc-runtime - GPL
 libtmail-ruby, libamstd-ruby, libstrscan-ruby - LGPL

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