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Re: Pgcc in Deb

Josip Rodin wrote:
> No arch/cpu-related optimizations are being set by default in most of the
> packages. Perhaps there are a few exceptions, where the upstream settings
> use optimization, or where the Debian maintainer has changed it, I don't
> know.

I see. I'd like to stress that my original claim about 50% is perfectly
valid, and I think that's sufficiently large to demand some action.
It by no means implies that people with true i386's won't be able to
run Debian, it just gives a turbo option to people with pentiums.
In my opinion, there should be some policy on which optimizations to apply
for building packages. 

> I think we already had this discussion (which usually evolved in a flamewar
> :), several times, and nothing was done to change the current status. Please
> let's not rehash the whole issue once again.

I don't think it has to turn into a flamewar every time somebody brings up
the topic. Take it this way, I've got a Beowulf cluster to play with, and
I can build it!

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