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Re: OT to Debian [Was: RFC/ITP: Constitution of Finland]

On Thu, 20 Apr 2000, Decklin Foster wrote:

> Bob Hilliard writes:
> >      /usr/lib/bible.data (from the bible-kjv-data package) is
> > compressed data in a format that can't be read with generic tools,
> > and, presumably, is keyed for fast retrieval by the /usr/bin/bible and
> > /usr/bin/randverse programs.
> OK, I have to ask. How long ago was this compressed, keyed format
> implemented? Is there *really* a noticeable speed difference on a
> reasonably modern computer? Are there any space savings compared to
> gzip?

As one of the past maintainers of this package it was my understanding
that this file was more like a hash table than a compressed file. The data
is set up to be easily accessed by key words using the concordance

One might argue that not all of the required source is available for this
package as there is no raw text file that is used to create this data file
at build time. My interest in the package wained at that point because I
could not integrate any additional documents with the provided software
tools. This would be a much better block of software if it could
incorporate additional texts into the searchable file structure used by
this package.

In any case, as a polytheist, I would argue that this package is integral
to the software debugging effort for at least some of our developers. Why,
even I tend to pray when I'm trying to build a new version of one of my
packages. I can imagine others might like to actually be able to look up a
prayer that they have forgotten, so this package should probably be moved
to the devel section ;-)

> Argue with me, I might just get fed up enough to do a benchmark ;-)
> [Atheist downloads bible packages! Film at 11.]
And what do you intend to use as a comparison?


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