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Re: Paradise

On Thu, 6 Apr 2000, Clint Adams wrote:

> > The Paradise Netrek developers would like to work with Debian to get
> > Paradise included in Debian GNU/Linux.
> Is anything happening with this?

Yes.  Turns out that the Paradise code has a nasty "non-commercial
use" clause in its license.  We've gotten two of the three copyright
holders to change the license to remove it, we're still getting in contact
with the last one.  This clause violates section 1 and 6 of the DFSG.  The
new license will be a modified BSD.

In the meanwhile, both the Paradise Netrek server and client packages can
not be distributed with Debian.  Previously it was thought that the client
wasn't under this license, but it looks instead that there is some dispute
over this, so for the time being it's best to leave it out.

*sigh* It gets really annoying working with hard-line, old-timer Unix
geeks who don't "get it" and don't understand why this clause inhibits
distribution.  They're coming around, though.  I'll let you all know when
this is fixed.


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