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Re: Lilo & syslinux document

Jerry Zhou <jzhou@acdcorp.com> writes:

> Excuse me:
> I am newer to Linux, and I want to know some detail about syslinux and Lilo.
> I get the source code package and some doc from the package. And I get " The
> Linux Bootdisk Howto". May I get more document about it?
> I can boot Linux from floppy, and I want to boot Linux from Flash memory for
> my embedded project. Would you give me some suggestion and document?
> Regard

My suggestion is to use a flash memory device that is ATA compatible
and emulates an IDE drive.  I believe that most SmartMedia PC readers
represent the flash memory to the PC as though it were an IDE device.
There's an article on using such memory to boot linux at:
(Actually, I just installed a PCMCIA reader in my desktop and it
appears that most CompactFlash<->PCMCIA adapters also represent the
memory as an IDE device.  I can't try anything fancy like booting off
memory however because my PCMCIA slot needs to be initialized by
isapnp; if I had a more traditional PCMCIA slot though I might try

You may also want to check out http://www.linux-mtd.infradead.org/ -
that's an attempt to get linux booting off of more general flash
memory devices.  However, it's a work in progress, and they don't
quite have linux booting yet.

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