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Re: ITP IIRC IMHO and more

On Tue, 4 Apr 2000, Matthias Berse wrote:
> Maybe you should install a newer version of your dictionaries:
> 1 definition found

Arggh ...

#  /etc/dict.conf Written by Bob Hilliard <hilliard@debian.org>
server localhost
server dict.org

synrg@sanctuary:~$ dpkg -l dict-foldoc
pn  dict-foldoc    <none>         (no description available)

sanctuary# apt-get install dictd dict-foldoc

synrg@sanctuary:~$ dict ianal
1 definition found

All better now :)

Yeesh, you'd think dict.org would keep up-to-date (or dict could
come with an up-to-date default public dict server in /etc/dict.conf)

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