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Re: kernel-package or kernel-source needs

I didn't mean to open a hornet's nest over this.  I
also didn't know (or forgot) that apt-get is used by
dselect.  Perhaps the current behavior of apt-get is
correct, but maybe my definition of what is a required
dependancy here is different.  True you DON'T need
ncurses to compile a kernel (you could always just
edit the config files by hand :-( ), or use make
config or make xconfig (though that won't work unless
you have x11 installed, I don't think you want to make
the kernel source depend on X11!).  

Pehaps someone can explain to me how apt-get, dselect,
aptitude, and gnome-apt all fit together.  Sometimes I
think that by using all of these tools I am screwing
up my package database, IE: does dselect know that a
package that was installed by apt-get is current?  I
hope that each tool is just a front end into the same database!

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