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New volunteer

    I am very interested in Open Source Software, of
course in Linux O.S. I have in my computer
Debian Linux installed (Slink 2.1 upgraded to the
frozen version 2.2).
    I also have Windows because I work in a company
that only works with MicroSoft. My job is creating
installation programs for comercial software and
testing the product. But I want to program, specially
in Linux.
    I have Debian Linux and only use as a user. My
principal knowledge is in installing, because first
I have RedHat and now Debian 2.0, then Debian 2.1.

    My knowledge isn't great but I can learn very
quickly, more quickly if it is interesting. Here is a
list of all my knowledge:


    Installation programs:
            Microsoft SMS Installer (expert)
            Wise Solutions InstallMaster (expert)
            InstallShield for Windows Installer (very
            Visual Basic 5.0 and 6.0 (very good)
            Visual C++ 5.0 and 6.0 (good)
            Windows registry (very good) --> needed
for installations
            office applications (good)

I know that my knowledge in Windows world is not
necessary but it
explains better my knowledge.


            Administrate computer
            Installing programs (I install Linux four
or five times
testing different distributions
        before choose Debian)
            C (good) --> I haven't any idea of Debian
methodology or
programming structure
            Java (little) --> enough to understand
code (not for


        Spanish (Write: very well, Read: very well)
        Catalan (Write: very well, Read: very well)
--> My matern
language (from Catalonia, Spain)
        English (Write: well, Read: well)
        French (Write: bad, Read: i can understand)

My primordial interest is to help to develope I new
program more than
maintain an old one.

Well, that's all. I'm waiting for your news,

            Miquel Jordana Vilamitjana
            Sta. Perpetua de la Mogoda (Barcelona,
            email : jordana@part.ccs.es

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