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Re: New shmfs and Debian

Can you explain, or provide a link to a URL detailing, exactly what
features this is supposed to add to the shared memory system?  The
current system has worked (well, ok, barely) for years without
filesystem entries.


grendel@vip.net.pl (Grendel) writes:

> Hi *,
>   The new version of the Linux kernel will introduce a new file system
> called shmfs. It has to be mounted for the applications to use the shared
> memory features. The standard mountpoint for the shmfs is /var/shm. Maybe it
> would be wise to add the directory to the base-files package as well as
> create a suitable script to add the appropriate entry to /etc/fstab? I'm
> sure than at some point, after potato is released, people will try to use
> 2.4.x and some of them can face problems when their applications won't be
> able to use the shared memory.
> regards,
> marek

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