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Re: multi CPU's

Tom Rothamel wrote:
> I'm assuming you mean my ddiff tool.


> It probably wouldn't be all that useful in this case, since the kernel
> image is essentially completly different. Multiple kernel images or
> packages seems the way to go.

Is it totally different? That was my implicit question. Don't you
think there should be only a marginal difference between the two
images, since saying SMP just switches a few preprocessor symbols
here and there. Then, the bulk of the binary code would be same.
Though I'm pretty sure those preprocessor symbols are then scattered
all over the megs of source code. But that seems to be less than 1000.
[I've checked].

If I remember correctly from my grad. algorithms course, the diff
tools use hyper-cool dynamic prog. stuff... which will just give you
the differences :) Anyway, what do you think would be the ddiff output?
Or shall we just try and see? My estimate is that it will be less than
512k, and perhaps much smaller. And I guess that the incurred cost will
be very small for some other desirable options that can't be built as modules.

Of course, it would be best if ddiff worked transparently from the user's
point of view. Then, the user would see different packages which are in fact
patched in place with ddiff.

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