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Re: ITP: starfish, muttzilla (with problem)

Adrian Bridgett writes:

> muttzilla - launch news/mail clients from netscape (e.g. when you click on
> a "mailto:"; link you can launch mutt.
> http://www3.telus.net/brian_winters/mutt

<slightly OT>

Hrm. I've already got netscape_altmail (not packaged IIRC, and
probably not very packageable because you have to set your terminal
emulator[0] and mail/news clients at compile time) for launching mutt
from Navigator (yes, i'm using the glibc2 version)... when I read the
subject line, I thought this was something that would do the same for
Mozilla. Any idea on how I can accomplish that?

[0] OK, it occurs to me that if we know we're on Debian we can use
x-terminal-emulator for that, but there's still no good way using
netscape_altmail (I think) for one user to launch mutt and another to
launch pine. Does muttzilla fix this or should I assume from the name
that mutt is hardcoded in?

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