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Re: Package Graphs (was: truetype something something)

Jason Gunthorpe (jgg@ualberta.ca) wrote:
> I have arranged for apt-cache to be able to emit files that dot can read
> to describe the directed cyclic graph that is our package relations.
> Now, it is not possible to actually graph the whole distribution you can show
> little subsets of it. The results are pretty cool.
> http://www.debian.org/~jgg/dcg/ has some examples, 

now THIS is why people buy computers. :)

seriously, though. this is very cool. thankyou. now, lets find some way to
intergrate this into aptitiude or something. i want to be able to see what
packages i loose if i purge perl-boo and libgtkasdf1g. might be nice for
judging just how critical bugs are too.

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