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ITP: Free eEMU

	I haven't seen another ITP here neither any references in wnpp list,
so here it goes:

  Free eEMU is an enterprise Event Management Utility.

  eEMU is a software package that manages, displays and actions messages
  sent by various monitoring agents. eEMU provides/complements event
  management functionality of commercially available packages such as Patrol
  or TNG Event Management.

I have made two packages: eemu-server and eemu-client. Full documentation
and working example scripts are provided with them.

Free eEMU's license says that  "No charge, other than an "at-cost"
distribution fee, may be charged for copies, derivations, or distributions
of this material without the express written consent of the copyright
holder.", which violates DFSG, so the package will go in non-free.


Fernando Sanchez
[http://ceu.fi.udc.es/gpul - fer@debian.org - http://humbolt.geo.uu.nl/eulug]

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