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issue with X library bug

I was told to email this list, by Darren Benham, of the bugs list.
Here is an inclusion of what I emailed him:

> I don't believe that 
> http://www.debian.org/Bugs/db/59/59503.html
> belongs as a bug filed against my program, kdrill.
> The user is doing nasty things to his environment,and possibly triggering
> bugs in some linux graphics libraries. kdrill is not at fault.
> But this badly filed bug, is bringing down the "quality" rating of my
> program.

So I would like this confirmed, and then this bug removed from being
against my program.

The primary issue is that the user is putting
"*international: True"
in his .Xresources file, which then results in my program crashing.

My program makes no use of this resource hack, so I think it is not
appropriate to have this bug filed against kdrill.

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