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Re: New shmfs and Debian

** On Apr 03, Josip Rodin scribbled:

> > > would be wise to add the directory to the base-files package as well as
> > > create a suitable script to add the appropriate entry to /etc/fstab?
> > 
> > Maybe we should add a script to base-files which mounts /var/shm depending
> > on whether the current kernel needs it... probably easier than messing
> > around writing script to automatically edit /etc/fstab.
> Perhaps something like /etc/init.d/devpts.sh once included in libc6?
I don't think so. /dev/pts is needed only when the system is read to let the
people in from the outside. System V IPC might be needed at the very early
stage of startup - even before the init.d scripts are ran. I think it could
go to /etc/init.d/rcS - so that it's a third thing done after init executes
the script. But, isn't it better to put it once in the /etc/fstab and then
forget about it? Even more so if you think that many people won't even
_know_ that shmfs exists at the point they install the new kernel!


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