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ITP: meme/metatopia

Meme is now released as open source.  I've known the upstream author for a 
number of years, and want to help him get over some of the hurdles to making 
his stuff play well with Linux.  A side-effect of that is that we'll end up 
packaging it all for Debian.  I will at least sponsor uploads of the packages,
perhaps doing the packaging work myself for a while.  If this all works out,
my goal would be to get Marc registered as a developer so he can do this
himself someday.

>From the new webpage at http://metatopia.sourceforge.net/,

	Meme is a runtime for networked virtual worlds. It has been designed 
	from the ground up to enable a multi-user universe on the Internet. 
	Every netizen can have a virtual building containing any content

 	There is a multi-user universe that comes with Meme. It's called 

 	It features multiple virtual spaces, distributed objects, and fully-
	articulated avatars with multiple facial expressions. It is written 
	in high-level Meme code. 

 	Metatopia runs quite well on a Pentium-90 with a 28.8 modem. 

 	The Metatopia Project is the name of the open-source effort. The goal 
	of The Metatopia Project is to build an open and non-proprietary VR 
	universe on the net that everyone can inhabit. 

Marc is actively soliciting project participants to join the SourceForge
project.  What he could really use right now in the Linux context is for 
someone who is really up on MESA or other equivalent rendering technology
for Linux systems to jump in and help him understand some performance issues.

I'm not sure what section this belongs in, we'll figure that out before upload.


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