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RE: Packaging PLT Scheme


> We'd like to find someone to package PLT Scheme (DrScheme, 
> MzScheme) for Debian Linux.  We already package them 
> in tar.gz and RPM's for other varieties of Linux.  Since 
> we're not running Debian locally, we have no expertise
> in packaging for it.

I have already generated a package for DrScheme (plus the
MrSpidey debugger) that resides in the "unstable" Woody
distribution.  It was not created until after the code 
freeze for our soon-to-be-released Debian 2.2

Interested users can get it from:

There are a couple of minor issues with the package (some
documentation is not linked to the help system properly),
which I will fix soon but have been tied up with the Potato

I was under the impression that mzscheme was part of the
DrScheme distribution, so didn't make it a separate package.

When I next work on this, I'll split them so that MzScheme
may be used separately from DrScheme.

Please let me know if I can provide any further assistance.


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